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Music Tuition Agreement

  1. Lessons are held once per week and are of 30 minutes duration.
  2. The commitment for tuition is for a minimum of one full term. Cancellation of lessons can only take effect at the end of each school term. Cancellations will be accepted if notice is given in writing at least two weeks before term ends. Please note students are automatically enrolled for the following term.
  3. Charges for a maximum of 10 lessons per term are payable in advance on a term-by-term basis. Fees for each term are due 14 days after receiving invoice. Payment should be received by the due date to ensure students are not withdrawn from lessons. If any problems arise with payment of fees please contact Genesis Music School immediately to discuss alternative arrangements.
  4. Your first invoice will include fees for music books, practice diaries and/ or accessories. Genesis Music will supply these items. Cheques and/ or money orders should be made payable to Genesis Music School. All payments should be sent direct to P.O. Box 250 Deer Park 3023. Please do not send payment to the primary school. Alternatively, contact Genesis Music School to make Credit Card Payment or have you have the option to pay EFT (refer to your invoice for details).
  5. It is the parent’s/ students responsibility to bring all appropriate instruments and books to each lesson. Purchasing of instruments is available through Genesis Music School.
  6. Lessons will be made up if the instrumental teacher is absent or students are away on excursions/camps or lessons fall on a public holiday. All other lessons missed due to non-attendance will be considered as given.
  7. Genesis Music School may use a substitute teacher if the student’s current instrumental teacher is unable to conduct lessons on the regular lesson day.

I wish to enrol my son/ daughter in the Instrumental Music Program with Genesis Music School and request that he/she be released from the care of the school into the care of the instrumental teacher for the duration of the lesson. Should I change address and/ or telephone number, I authorise the above-named school to release my new details to Genesis Music School. I understand and accept the above conditions and will forward all payments for books, tuition and items provided by Genesis Music School to the above-mentioned address.