Genesis Music School provides many performance opportunities for students throughout the year, It is important that students be given the opportunity to perform regularly. Performing in front of an audience builds confidence in students and provides a goal to work towards in lessons and practice at home.

School Assemblies, Instrumental concerts, Lunchtime concerts, classroom performances, Friends of music evenings, and our combined schools Instrumental concerts which are held twice a year every June and December. These are just some of the many performances we will provide for students.

School Assembly performances are encouraged term by term, spots are limited therefore not all students will have this opportunity. Generally beginner students will not be chosen to perform.

Instrumental Concerts, like lunchtime concerts, are open to all instrumental students of all skill levels, we encourage Instrumental teachers to accompany students where possible. We also encourage duets and ensemble pieces. Parents are invited.

Classroom Performances are held frequently where students (and their instrumental teacher if required) will perform a short piece in front of the students` classmates, this is a more relaxed performance where the audience will be invited to ask questions after the performance.

Friends of Music nights held at selected schools are open to all students learning an instrument. Parents and friends are invited.

Combined Schools Instrumental Concerts each semester, this event is an evening performance, under lights on the big stage. We provide professional sound and light technicians in a state of the art venue, this is an amazing experience for students who choose to take part. The venue seating is 500+ so the whole family and friends are welcome to attend this great night of music.